Our approach and expertise

Our expertise:

We are experienced in working for different organisations involved in nature conservation over many years, as field guides and lecturers, for different tour operators around the world. Our favorite destinations are the polar and sub-polar regions, and occasionally also in other places such as, the North Atlantic, South Pacific and in tropical regions.

Year after year, season after season, our professional activities have given us a very good knowledge of the destinations proposed by tour operators. These include, ideal seasons, wildlife observations, activities, the best way to travel, itineraries and so on.

We guide most of the voyages we propose on this website. They are essentially expedition cruises, using a ship as a way to travel. With these types of voyages, you can access the world’s most unique and remote areas, usually not accessible by foot or any other way.

Our approach:

☞ Individuals : we have developed expertise in the travel industry and have focused on the polar regions. We also use that knowledge to provide valuable and personal service. Our goal is to orientate and help you find the most suitable option, in order to fulfil expectations of your selected voyage.

☞ Tourism professional : we can ensure the formation of your contributors, will help you regarding promotion…
Also as author-photographers, we can help you illustrate your brochure, web site and any other document, using our extensive, high quality picture library, containing more than 10,000 images (wildlife, flora, landscape, science, history, ice…)

Iceberg in Greenland