The subantarctic

The subantarctic region is located between 45° and 60° South. In all this area, situated just before the Antarctic continent, there are few islands and archipelagos in the middle of the Southern Ocean. Some of them are well known like the Falkland Islands or South Georgia, but a good number of them are very rarely visited South Sandwich, Mac Donald and Heard Islands. And less than 300 people visit the subantarctic islands of Australia and New-Zealand each year (Campbell, Auckland, Snares, Macquarie, Antipodes, Bounty).

Our selection of voyages to the subantarctic islands…

Falkland Islands and South Georgia Heard and McDonald, Kerguelen Islands Auckland, Macquarie, Snares, Campbell

Falkland Islands and South Georgia:

Ships visiting the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, depart from Ushuaia in Argentina.
The Falkland archipelago counts numerous islands and rocks where wildlife (specially birds) is abundant: penguins, albatrosses, geese, caracara, passerines, cormorants… There also good number of Sea Lions and cetaceans. It is also possible to visit the capital, Port Stanley, a good occasion to meet and speak with locals living there.
South Georgia, is an extraordinary island of 150 km long and 40 km wide, 2 days at sea to the East from the Falkland Islands. Landscapes are beautiful there this high peaks, mountains covered by snow and glaciers. On shore, around 3 millions fur seals and around 450 000 Elephant Seal, breed ever year. There is also great number of birds, including up to 1 million king penguins, Gentoo Penguin, Albatrosses… This island is really a paradise for wildlife, with amazing sceneries. The history is very interesting in South Georgia as well, regarding the whaling period (it’s possible to visit one of these old station), the Shackleton’s expedition…
There are no possibilities to visit only South Georgia as there is no port or airport there. The only way to get there is from the Falkland Islands or during a cruise from or to Antarctica. This voyage duration is around 14 to 16 days, doing a loop from Ushuaia, to the Falkland, South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and then back to Ushuaia.

☞ Highlights: wildlife (penguins, seals, passerines, albatrosses, cetaceans…), landscape and history
☞ Contrasting high lights: bad sea sometimes…

Our selection of voyages to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands…

South Georgia Falkland Islands
South Georgia Falkland Islands

Campbell, Snares, Macquarie and Auckland Islands:

The subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia are probably the most fantastic regarding the wildlife. The biodiversity is important including endemic species of plants and birds, they are the main breeding ground in the world for a good number of birds and seals and the vegetation is amazing (Southern Rata forest, gentians, orchids, megaherbs…)! There are few opportunities of hikes as well (subject to permit) to discover the inland side.

☞ Highlights: fauna and flora, beautiful coastline, opportunities for hiking
☞ Contrasting high lights: bad sea sometimes…

Our selection of voyages to to the subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia…

Flora at Campbell Island Southern Royal Albatross at Campbell Island
Macquarie Island Royal Penguins at Macquarie Island
Hooker Sea Lion at Auckland Island South West Cape at Auckland Island